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Driver Advisory Board Meeting-March 2, 2021

The Prime Inc. Driver Advisory Board was created in 2016 to further Prime's efforts for improvement, communication, and transparency in the company. The Board meets typically three times per year with management to discuss important issues, driver feedback, and new ideas. Due to the COVID restrictions, no in person meetings were held from February 2020 until March 2, 2021. However, the Driver Advisory Board did stay in communication via virtual meetings, phone calls, and email. Below is a summary of the Driver Advisory Board Meeting on March 2, 2021.


Presentations followed by Q&A

  • State of the Industry, State of Prime (Jack Porter, Strategic Planner & Darrel Hopkins, Prime Inc. Controller)

  • Sales Update & Strategy (Steve Wutke, VP of Sales & Marketing)

  • Refrigerated Division Operations (Jim Guthrie, Director of Operations & Stan Auman, Operations Supervisor)

  • Flatbed & Tanker Division Operations (Jim Wilkins, Director of Flatbed/Tanker & Brett Vonwiller, Manager of Tanker)

  • Safety (Dennis Davis, Safety Supervisor & Steve Field, Director of Safety)

  • Driver Recruiting (Travis Bacon, Manager of Recruiting & Andrea Mueller, Onboarding/Media Manager)

  • Technology (Brianne Madura, Information Technology)

  • Prime Training Program (Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager & Stan Auman, Operations Supervisor)

  • Road Assist & Maintenance (Justin Kaufman, Manager of Road Assist & Kevin Bergman, Director of Maintenance)

Key Meeting Discussion Points & Takeaways from DAB Members:

Driver Retention

  • Pay & Bonus program clarification communicated to Drivers

  • FM Task Overload from Home – no time to interact w/New Drivers

  • Equipment needs to be ready to roll when Upgrading

  • Loss of Earnings - Too much Time between Loads

  • Facebook is part of the problem – erroneous information

  • Local/Regional Jobs Offered to Current Drivers

  • Pay scale going into TNT phase – needs consistency and Pay Review

  • Knowing the Culture and Living the Culture during past Year


  • Common Mutual Respect for All Associates Inside & Out

  • Need to Follow Up with Attention to Details

  • Mental Health Line support communicated to Drivers

  • Primed For Life:

  • DAB Communications

  • DAB Follow Up from last session and a Formal Routine

  • Drivers DAB Contact Information to a quick click

  • Ask DAB feature added in Prime Mobile App in April 2021

Refrigerated, Flatbed, & Tanker Operations

  • Accuracy of Drivers Load Information Needed

  • Preplans are a needed benefit for what’s next for the Driver

  • Prime Load Choice Program Rollout update & results

  • Live Loaded Call without Drop & PU Trailer reports suggested

  • Clear Communication of Home-Time pay Policies Uniformly

  • Tarping Station in Pittston

  • Drivers & Tarping requirements and processes on Customer Sites

Driver Recruiting

  • Clear Expectations and view of the Truck Driver Job

  • Maybe review the current Referral Program and payout plan

Driver Development/Training

  • Training DAB Meeting to focus on the Details

  • First Impression and Equipment Orientation

  • Trainers' quantity vs. quality is a concern in the Training Population

  • TNT Trainers – need some consistency

  • Facebook used for some Positive Training


  • Keep the Friday Morning Meetings Coming

  • Started livestreaming them every Friday at 8 am on 3/19/21

  • Need updates from FMCSA on any updates – FB Load Securement

  • On-hold message needs updated for TWIC Card message that is outdated

  • Updated March 2021

IT/Mobile App

  • Referral Tracking on the App – Workflow tracking

  • Trip Sheet on the App

  • Fleet Side of App available to Small Fleet Owners

  • Driver Repair Job – standard forms and workflow

  • Navigation vetting and feedback from Drivers

  • Tanker Detention Process – App which tracks and follows payment

Maintenance/Road Assist

  • Maintenance/Road Assist

  • Night Coverage needs better attitude for Drivers

  • New Truck w/New Driver needs to be road ready

Completed Action Items from DAB to Date:

  • Drivers DAB Contact Information to a quick click

  • Ask DAB feature added in Prime Mobile App in April 2021

  • Add detention rules to stop info

  • Added in 2020

  • Livestream safety meetings so drivers out on the road can participate

  • Started livestreaming safety meetings in 2021 every Friday at 8 am central and streamed both to Facebook and YouTube

  • Safety Annual Review in the Prime Mobile App

  • Added in 2020

  • Shop Campaigns in the Prime Mobile App

  • Added in 2020

  • Onsite Chiropractor one time per week

  • Opened full-time chiropractic clinic (Happy Spine) with Dr Popa in Springfield, MO terminal

  • Added Travel Update section on Prime Mobile App to reduce non-critical QC Messages

  • Prior to change, Prime drivers were receiving an average of 400+ QC messages/week.

  • After change, Prime drivers receive average of less than 100 QC messages/week.

  • Qualcomm message signed with full name

  • Pro Maintenance 1.0 Class created and launched in July 2019

  • Over 170 drivers have attended PM 1.0 as of Oct 2019

  • Shop will keep on APU when truck is being worked on

  • Trailer Parking Solution for Pittston

  • Pedigree Sale Trailers moved off of main yard down to training pad in Oct 2019

  • More Training Videos for New Drivers

  • Examples of new training videos created in 2019:

  • How to Fix Tandem Slider Pins

  • How to Fix a Trailer Chute

  • How to Jump Start a Reefer Unit

  • How to Fix a Mud Flap

  • Home counter viewable in Prime Mobile App

  • Develop a Training Advisory Board

  • ELD Roll Out program to prepare fleet Sept – November

  • Move the open gate button in Denver to Outside of the Office for food ordering/taxis

  • Food Trucks brought into SLC while Amenities Building is being built

  • Program for Million Mile Company Drivers to order new truck

  • Military graphics on flatbed trailer skirts

  • Review staffing and wait times in Springfield, MO New Plaza

  • Added Driver Advisory Board Members to Prime Load Choice Program for testing and feedback

  • Currently over 500 Prime Drivers utilizing this feature for testing

  • Review orientation experience to find areas of improvement for welcome/family first impression, promote benefits of the company and career path/options to new drivers on front end

  • Create restroom & facility upgrades at the Auburndale yard

  • Exterior Restroom facility added to yard-Feb 2019

  • Provide receipts at Auburndale yard for washouts

  • Provide better/stronger inverters in the truck

  • Now installing Tundra inverters into new trucks instead of previous Cobra model

  • Utilize geofencing to cater road updates to drivers in those areas

  • Update the My Fuel feature to let you view it on current week, 4 week, 8 week basis

  • Streamline/reduce repetitive messaging to fleet (i.e. red-light tickets in Hannibal, MO)

  • Add Macro 33 to app

  • Work on communication of Road Assist Dept to provide confirmation that they receive messages and are working on the problem and/or ETA when they should hear back from RA Advisor

  • Fix Reefer Dept Live Load Dispatch inbound call queue/waiting message to not auto hang up on callers if there was more than one person in queue holding.

  • New My Fuel feature to see your personal stats and how you rank in the fleet

  • Create phone line to call in to hear Prime Hold Messages

  • Prime Class List on Prime Mobile App

  • Standard Transmission Truck Loaning for Practice

  • Hold Messages updated more frequently

  • DIY fixes and Pay Information Shared and Promoted

  • Enhanced communication through Mobile App

  • New truck optimization program implementation

  • Vacation pay for second seats

  • My Truck, My Trailer, and My Contacts features in Prime Mobile App

  • ACE2 Videos on Prime Mobile App

  • Road Assist Vendor List on App

If you have questions or feedback, you can reach out to Prime Inc. at To communicate with current Driver Advisory Board (DAB), you can send questions via the Ask DAB feature in the Prime Mobile App or send an email to

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