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Driver Advisory Board Action Items

The Prime Inc. Driver Advisory Board was created to further Prime's efforts for improvement, communication, and transparency in the company. The Board meets three times per year with management to discuss important issues, driver feedback, and new ideas. The Prime Driver Advisory Board members represent the entire fleet as well as each division with varying lengths of service at the company and in the trucking industry.

Here is an update on some of the action items completed in 2019 directly thanks to the Driver Advisory Board members' feedback and requests:

• Action item: Reduce the amount of fleet wide messages to the Qualcomm Omnitracs. o Created Travel Update section in the Prime Mobile App to move messages from Qualcomm to the app which removes the Qualcomm alert and allows drivers to read non-urgent messages when they have time. o Prior to this action item, drivers were receiving an average of over 400 Qualcomm messages per week. o After this action item, drivers are receiving an average of a little over 70 Qualcomm messages per week.

• Action item: Increase parking space in Pittston, PA yard. o As of the end of October 2019, Pedigree sale trailers have moved off of the Prime terminal yard and on to the new space at the Prime Training Program facility. o We have also purchased a lot across from the terminal which will provide additional long-term parking tentatively to open in 2020.

• Action item: Create a class to teach drivers fixes and maintenance tips. o In July 2019, we launched Pro Maintenance 1.0 Class to our fleet. o The Pro Maintenance Class is offered Monday and Thursday in the Springfield, MO terminal (as of October 2019). o Since July, 172 drivers have taken the PM 1.0 Class. o In November 2019, we will be launching a series of how to videos which highlight some of the items covered in Pro Maintenance 1.0.

• Action Item: Allow gate to be opened from inside the yard for things such as Uber, food delivery, etc at the Denver terminal. o In October 2019, a card swipe was added to the Denver terminal building to allow any associate to swipe their card to open the gate.

• Action Item: Create patriotic design for flatbed trailers. o In September 2019, we added patriotic trailer skirts to 10 Prime flatbed trailers.

• Action Item: Provide a food option for Salt Lake City terminal outside of vending machine/kiosk until new amenities building is open. o In August 2019, we organized a schedule to bring out food trucks to the Salt Lake City facility every week. o The Salt Lake City, UT amenities building is slotted to open in April 2020 and will house a full café along with a company store, gym and basketball court, bunk rooms, showers, salon & spa, and more.

If you have feedback and ideas for the Driver Advisory Board, contact the board here.

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