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DAB Meeting Minutes - Nov. 16th

Driver Advisory Board Meeting

Friday, November 16, 2018

Oasis Convention Center, Springfield, MO

Tentative Driver Advisory Board Meeting Dates for 2019:

  • Feb 28th

  • July 15th

  • October 31st

Meeting Attendees

John Bodenchak (Flatbed)

Jeff Knudsen (Refrigerated)

Michael Hammonds (Flatbed)

Reba Hoffman (Refrigerated)

Jerald Thomas (Flatbed)

Charles Smith (Refrigerated)

Mario Adorno (Tanker)

James Sherman (Refrigerated)

John Ogren (Tanker)

Blake Nichols (Refrigerated)

Ricky Oneill (Refrigerated)

Rosalio Matute (Refrigerated)

Glen Horack (Refrigerated)

Tiffany Hanna (Refrigerated)

Joseph Hancammon (Refrigerated)

Thomas Miller (Refrigerated)

James Jackson (Refrigerated)

Tobias Alexander (Refrigerated)

Dee Sova (Refrigerated)

Alan Godfrey (Refrigerated)


Presentations followed by Q&A:

1. State of the Industry (Darrel Hopkins, Prime Inc. Controller & Drew Martin, Leasing)

2. Sales (Steve Wutke, VP of Sales & Marketing)

3. Payroll (Shaun Ryker, Director of Payroll)

4. Road Assist & Maintenance (Justin Kaufman, Manager of Road Assist & Kevin Bergman, Director of Maintenance)

5. Safety (Steve Field, Director of Safety)

6. Driver Operations (Jim Wilkins, Director of Flatbed & Tanker Operations and Pat Leonard, Director of Reefer Operations)

7. Driver Development Program (Jim Guthrie, Director of Recruiting) (Stan Auman, Orientation & Dispatch Manager)

8. Technology (Brianne Madura, Network Administrator)

Proposed Key Action Items from Meeting:

  • Create a promotional booklet/brochure on all of the benefits Prime has to offer

  • Topics to cover: Pay, lease vs company, division options, safety equipment on trucks/trailer, PSD Program, etc

  • Share information via printed materials and via Prime Mobile App & website

  • Create a document/video on how to ensure you receive detention pay

  • Build fall protection area for Flatbed at Prime terminal

  • Work on communication of Road Assist Dept to provide confirmation that they receive messages and are working on the problem and/or ETA when they should hear back from RA Advisor

  • Create division-specific training curriculum or guide for TNT Trainers and Trainees

  • Create quarterly summary for fuel mileage & mileage for drivers

  • Update the My Fuel feature to let you view it on current week, 4 week, 8 week, and YTD basis

  • Streamline/reduce repetitive messaging to fleet (i.e. red-light tickets in Hannibal, MO)

  • Utilize geofencing to cater road updates to drivers in those areas or create place in app for that info specifically

  • Livestream safety meetings so drivers out on the road can participate

  • Provide better/stronger inverters in the truck

  • Offer self-defense class for drivers & provide list of approved protection options for the truck

  • Review orientation experience to find areas of improvement for welcome/family first impression, promote benefits of the company and career path/options to new drivers on front end

  • Add Macro 33 to app

Completed Action Items from DAB to Date:

  • Fix Reefer Dept Live Load Dispatch inbound call queue/waiting message to not auto hang up on callers if there was more than one person in queue holding.

  • COMPLETED: 11/16/18

  • New My Fuel feature to see your personal stats and how you rank in the fleet

  • COMPLETED: 11/16/18

  • Create phone line to call in to hear Prime Hold Messages

  • COMPLETED: August 2018

  • Call 417-521-3908 to hear all current hold messages for Prime

  • Prime Class List on Prime Mobile App

  • Standard Transmission Truck Loaning for Practice

  • Hold Messages updated more frequently

  • DIY fixes and Pay Information Shared and Promoted

  • Enhanced communication through Mobile App

  • New truck optimization program implementation

  • Vacation pay for second seats

  • My Truck, My Trailer, and My Contacts features in Prime Mobile App

  • ACE2 Videos on Prime Mobile App

  • Road Assist Vendor List on App

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