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Prime is still seeking submissions from fleet manager nominated drivers. On July 6th, new DAB members participated in the Summer Prime Driver Advisory Board meeting at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center. Topics of discussion were market conditions; customer updates & issues; payroll updates & options; road assist & maintenance issues; safety updates and new technology; driver division operations as they relate to reefer, flatbed & tanker; driver development program updates & issues; and the IT department update/outlook on the Prime app and load optimization for drivers.

New DAB members:

Charles Smith - Reefer - 1 year

Joe Hancammon - Reefer - 3 years

Ricky Oneill - Reefer - 3 years

Jason Danner - Tanker - 2 years

Tobias Alexander - Reefer - 2 years

Jeff Knudsen - Reefer - 7 years

Reba Hoffman - Reefer - 4 years

Alan Godfrey - Reefer - 5 years

James Sherman - Reefer - 6 years

Blake Nichols - Reefer - 7 years

Rosalio Matute Jr. - Reefer - 7 years

Thomas Miller - Reefer - 19 years

Troy McKinney - Flatbed - 10 years

Danny Gibbons - Flatbed - 11 years

Henry Manning - Reefer - 25 years

Prime DAB members are asking for your feedback on issues or positive experiences you see while out on the road as it relates to Prime. DAB members are here for the fleet to help communicate and resolve issues that might help everyone be more successful. Please click on the contact us button within this website and submit your topics. Thank you.

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