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Jack Porter (GPorter Group) Moderates July 2017 DAB Meeting

Jack Porter Moderates Prime Driver Advisory Board Meeting

July 6th - 2017

Prime has their third Driver Advisory Board meeting at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center in Springfield, MO. Selected Prime Drivers acting as spokesman for Prime's 7,000 driver fleet help facilitate the meeting that has sparked some innovative changes to help Drivers become more successful and profitable. Suggestions from drivers that submit topics from this website has brought on better communication throughout the company.

Tasks that have been completed by Prime from DAB members acting as representation of the fleet:

  • Prime Class/Course List to Share on Prime Mobile App

  • Standard Transmission Truck Loaning for Practice

  • Hold Messages updated more frequently

  • DIY fixes and Pay Information Shared and Promoted

  • Enhanced communication through Mobile App

  • Prime has begun implementation on a new truck optimization program

  • Vacation pay for second seats

  • Suggestion Box on Prime Mobile App

  • My Contacts and My Trucks Pages came from DAB

  • PM Dates Due Dates/Notification on Prime Mobile App

  • My Trailer page came from DAB

  • ACE2 Videos on Prime Mobile App

  • Road Assist Vendor List on App

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