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Meeting Minutes - March 7, 2017

Attendees: Driver Advisory Board Members: Brandon Kelly, Mark Trouten, Brian Fletcher, Paul Waychoff, Michael Hammonds, Tiffany Hanna, James Jackson, Craig Koberczky, Jacob Frazier, Kingswood (Woody) Sprott, Shelby (Wayne) Asher, Glenn Horack, Keith Luce, Jerald Thomas, John Bodenchak, Timothy Ryan

Robert Low (Owner), Steve Wutke (VP of Sales), Steve Field (Director of Safety), Paul Higgins (Director of Maintenance), Darrel Hopkins (Director of Leasing), Rodney Rader (Director of MIS), Pat Leonard (Director of Operations), Jim Guthrie (Director of Recruiting), Stan Auman (Operations Supervisor), Jim Wilkins (Director of Flatbed/Tanker), Brett Vonwiller (Manager of Tanker Division), Justin Kaufman (Manager of Road Assist), Andrew Martin (Manager of Success Leasing Program), Aaron Ellis (Director of HR), Steve Larsen (Operations Supervisor), Keith McCoy (Director of Marketing), Shaun Ryker (Director of Payroll), Nick Forte (Manager of Maintenance), Clayton Brown (Marketing), Brianne Madura (MIS), Andrea Mueller (Recruiting), Jack Porter (3rd Party Mediator)

Presentations & Discussion Topics 1. State of Industry & State of Prime (Darrel Hopkins, Prime Inc. Controller) 2. Sales Presentation (Keith McCoy, Director of Marketing) 3. Road Assist & Maintenance (Paul Higgins, Director of Maintenance) 4. Safety Presentation (Steve Field, Director of Safety) 5. Driver Operations (Pat Leonard, Director of Reefer Operations)(Jim Wilkins, Director of Flatbed & Tanker Operations) 6. Driver Development Program (Jim Guthrie, Director of Recruiting) (Stan Auman, Orientation & Dispatch Manager) 7. Driver Payroll (Shaun Ryker, Director of Payroll) 8. Technology (Brianne Madura, MIS) 9. Roundtable discussion on submitted topics (2017 Driver Advisory Board)

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