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Prime DAB

Prime has a culture founded on open communication for its driving and non driving associates.  The ability to contact anyone within the company has always been easy and straight forward.  That communication avenue has always been informal but very open.  


The Prime Driver Advisory Board is a way to formalize that communication stream and bridge any gap that might present itself due to company growth.  As our company grows, we feel it's imperative that we listen even closer to questions or concerns...especially from those that deliver loads on-time and safe.  Prime wants to make sure everyone has a voice and this Advisory Board is yet another way to communicate the things that are on your mind as it relates to your business.

In 2017, the Prime Driver Advisory Board was created. At the time, Prime asked all of its Fleet Managers to nominate three of their best drivers with stringent criteria that related to safety.  Three categories of 'length of service' were offered after meeting the safety criteria:  6 months to 3 years - 3 to 9 years - 10+ years.  The nomination process from there involved a series of questions to the driver and a request for a survey as to why they should be on the board.  Every nomination received was excellent and narrowing it down to fifteen was pain staking.  We feel that Prime's Driver Advisory Board represents the entire fleet very well.  All divisions are represented with very different backgrounds from each member.  

The DAB term limit is set at two years.  If you are a Prime Driving Associate and are reading this, please know that each Driver Advisory Board Member has your interest at heart.  Feel free to submit your suggestions and/or complaints via this website, so they can better represent your concerns.  Each member takes pride in being your voice to help us be a better company to drive for and succeed.

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